How can students make thelr journey to new achievements and skills easier and earn recognition for their growing expertise along the way? Digital Badges. Students receive certificates at the end of the school year that display badges/awards received throughout that year. Badges are officially distributed through Credly and can be added Linkedin and other social media as certified skills and provide an official channel to indicate to prospective employers auditions, and programs advantages and skills they are seeking for hiring Independent Artist Mastery and Music Intermezzo Students, and Indicate achievements for Young Artist or Precollege students.

School Badge Anatomy
Music Course Badge

Music Course Badges are awarded for completing relevant coursework of a semester or year in one of the classes at IISM. All coursework, including any homework or projects, must be completed at a suficient level in order to receive a Music Course Badge. They are awarded upon recommendation of InterHarmony’s renowned Artist Faculty teaching the class, and with administration of IISM.

Music Skill Badge

Music Skill Badges are awarded upon attaining a skill, or level within a skillset. Some badges have multiple levels indicating various proficiencies inherent to the skill. They are awarded upon recommendation of IISM Artist Faculty or administration in recognition of a skill. Artist Faculty may fill out a form to request badges for a skill at any time. Then, the administration works with the Artist Faculty to ascertain the level of competency is sufficient for that badge and if a positive outcome is determined, the badge is awarded to the student.

Music Achievement Credential

Music Achievement Credentials are given for winning an award, recognition of high achievement, or passing a standalone assessment, like the AP Music Theory Test, or obtaining a prize in an outside music competition.

School Badge Anatomy
Educational Music Graduation Credential

Education Music Graduation Credentials represent the significant milestone such as completing one of the InterHarmony International School of Music programs. Educational Experience badges are awarded upon reaching required core classes and length of study for specific programs, indicating completion of that course of study.

Music Experience Credential

Music Experience Credentials are awarded for earning professional experience, like being asked to or participating in a special performance. At IISM’s partner organization, the InterHarmony International Music Festival, this could be a certain position obtained, such as Orchestra Concertmaster or Orchestra Principal.

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  • InterHarmony International School of Music and InterHarmony International Music Festival Students and Artist Faculty could be candidates for Digital Badges.

  • A badge is a type of micro-credential. Badges are guided by a competency based statement and linked to student learning outcomes that can be assessed. Once the competencies are met, the badges can be issued. Artist Faculty badges are issued as an honor of high achievements as internationally-renowned artists.


Our partner IIMF issues Digital Badges, too.

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