• Misha Quint
  • Where the Virtual becomes Actual

    Dear Friends,

    I am excited to announce the inauguration of our InterHarmony International School of Music where the virtual becomes actual.

    After concertizing as a soloist and a chamber musician most of my life, and directing international festivals for almost 25 years, the creation of this international institution seems to the most natural and efficient way help young aspiring musicians, those who want to become aspiring musicians, and those who love music, pursue their dreams. I have always wanted to create a school where students learn how to play in the best possible way: something to the very point, a place that does not depend on age or level, where participants learn authentic skills, not just something generalized with empty big words describing music without depth and quality.

    This program includes all necessary components to become a skilled performer, healthy and technically developed.

    The program at the InterHarmony International School of Music provides performance opportunities for the students, participation in numerous showcases and masterclasses with world-renowned faculty and guest soloists with whom they could meet and study virtually, and then have the possibility meet actually during our summer European festivals if they wish to apply.

    I wish everybody good health, great spirit and great music. And don’t forget that smile.

    Warm regards,

    Misha Quint

    Music Director and Founder
    InterHarmony International School of Music
    InterHarmony International Music Festival

    Saint-Saens Septet